– 192.168.l.l Router login as Admin is a separate IP address, often used by the Linksys routerBrand other router uses as the default IP address. Besides these routers, other devices can use this IP address, but is not very popular. is one of the most popular IP addresses today. The reason for this is the fact that some of the leading router manufacturers use this IP as a default IP for their routers. This enables the router owner to easily access the router configuration options and setup and configure its router. Besides being a default IP this IP address is also a private IP which is part of the private IP range starting from to

If you are not familiar with terms like private IP or default IP, let us give you a short explanation.

Default IP – This is an IP address assigned to router during the production process in the factory. Generally, the routers use a default IP when they are first connected and powered on, which enables the user to log in to the router and have administrative privileges. One additional reason why these IPs are called default is because during the production process every router of the same manufacturer has the same IP. Luckily, this can be changed later.

Private IP – If an IP is part of IP address ranges reserved for private use, it is considered to be a private IP. Devices that have a private IP can’t connect directly to the Internet nor can they be accessed from outside the network or the Internet. This is regulated with a NAT device.

Ip address is necessary address which works to connect with another through internet.We know that is an Ipv4 address which is private IP address. IANA appointed it there due to absence of Ipv4 locations. All locations from private IP extent could be utilized boundless times on distinctive sub nets. It is likewise default IP address for substantial number of web switches from distinctive producers.

Default IP addresses depends on manufacturer. It is completely depends on company. A few switches utilize, however producer could allot any location from Ipv4 private extend as a default switch IP address. You can change the default ip address for your switch by opening summon immediate in windows then sort “IP config” and search for location.

There could be numerous purposes behind that. You ought to check links, associations, power and numerous different things to verify your switch, system or PC is working legitimately. Check this article and focuses to see does your switch work legitimately.

It is certain that each switch default location could be changed. A few switches will require of you utilization of telnet yet the majority of them won’t. You will have such alternative in switch web control board (that thing when you write your switch IP in your web program). It is our interest how to change particular switch default deliver please allude to client manual you got with your switch.

Password is used in router to protect your WiFi connection A few producers will setup default secret key for your switch. On the off chance that you didn’t setup any secret word then allude to client manual to see which watchword is default one for your model.two gadgets with the same IP address in one system can’t work legitimately. IP is one of a kind identifier of system machine or gadget. So you ought to change default IP address on one of your switches and everything will begin working.

What is the router?

Routers are devices that allow the exchange of data between the networks. The device has network connectivity with each other. The purpose of a router is to direct and transmit data. Home routers are used to transfer data between a computer and a DSL modem.

What is an IP address?

IP address (Internet Protocol) is a series of numbers, divided into sections separated by dots. Each device in the network is assigned an IP address. An IP address is used for the purpose of determining the user in terms of resolving local and network.

Private IP address :

Private IP addresses are used for small office or home network, in which case the global routing address is not there (or not required). Private Internet protocol addresses are commonly used in residential networks. Most Internet providers assign an IP address to a client routing. If you have two or more computers or other devices connected to the Internet, you can use NAT (Network Address Translator) gateway to get connected to the Internet to some server.

Corporate networks often use private IP addresses to enhance network security more factors. Such networks are not connected directly to the Internet, and it’s better for security. Private IP address address information also allows limited access and limited to users in the network.

What is is the default IP address for some brand router (like Linksys). Routers use it to allow users to access the control panel. To be on the panel of the router and configure it the way you want, all you have to do is open a browser and type into the Internet address bar. No one outside your network can access the control panel of your single.

How to configure your router?

When you type into the address bar of your browser, you’ll be taken to the control panel of your router. The first thing you’ll see a list of options (On the left side of the page) and Firmware Upgrade Assistant at the center. It will ask you if you want to automatically detect new versions of software on the Internet. Click Yes. Then, click on the Setup Wizard at the top. The Wizard will help you configure your router to the Internet and it will automatically detect the computer connected to the router.

Can I change the default IP and how?

Luckily, the answer is YES. Although the IP is the default one built-in in the factory, it can be easily changed in the router configuration settings. All you have to do is to log in to your router by using its default password and in the menu search for Network, and then LAN. When you click the LAN link in the menu you will see MAC Address, IP address and Sub net listed. In the box next to IP address is your router’s default IP. Make sure to click the Save button after you make the change. Please note, that when you make this change you will be logged out so you have to log in again.

When you change your IP it is important to see if any other device in your network is already using the IP you are planning to assign to your router. This is important because this IP ( or another one) can be used only by one device in the network. If, for some reason, two devices in the same network use the same IP, a so called IP conflict will appear and it may result in networking problems and even make you lose your Internet connection.

How do I log into my router?

When you first connect your router you may want to login to its configuration settings and modify them according to your needs. Once you get there you can easily change your default IP, manage network security settings and so on.

In order to log in to your router you will have to know the default IP ( in your case) and the default username and password. Let’s say that you already know your default IP. To login you have to type this IP address in your browser’s address bar. And then you will have to enter the default username and password for your router. These details are different according to the brand and model. Below is a list of the most common combinations.

Default usernames and passwords


  • username: admin, Administrator, comcast, leave blank
  • password: admin, 1234 or leave blank


  • username: admin
  • password: password (or 1234 for older models)


  • username: admin
  • password: admin


  • username: admin
  • password: password


  • password: admin


  • username: admin
  • password: admin or leave blank


  • username: admin
  • password: 1234


  • username: admin
  • password: admin

All these usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so be careful when you type them in. If some of these combinations don’t work, you can check the manufacturers website and find the default login details for your router model.
Although you use your web browser you don’t have to have an Internet connection to log in to your router.

What is a NAT device?

A NAT device serves as the main access point to the Internet and its IP address. The computer in your network is considered to be a sub directory of the IP address. When you access the Internet from one of the computers in your network, the computer sends information to the NAT device, then forwarded the information to the Internet. This will prevent any confusion about which computer sent the information or where the information should be sent. If you have only one computer connected to the Internet, you will not need a NAT device.

The most common problems.

The problems with the implementation of the procedure, we describe can occur if:

  • Your router is unresponsive.
  • Your computer can not join the network.
  • Your router uses a different IP address (and without You should check the documentation of the manufacturer (or visit the manufacturer’s Web site) to see if the IP address is used as the default for your router.