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For example, you want to modify username and password admin. Or want to access router web interface via using IP Address. Queries like this many more router support you will get here. So, let’s start with the router setup.

Manual Router Setup

The best thing about router is that they can be installed With Setup CD and without the Setup CD. So, here in this section we will setup router manually. So, follow the step that we are providing. Manual Setup of router will use the web-based setup page of the router. Let’s start using the wireless router setup utility for router setup manually.

Power cycle the Router & Modem

• Router setup will get start with power cycle the Router & Modem.
• So, first of all, unplug the router and modem from the power source.
• Take an Ethernet cable and connect it to the modem WAN or router’s internet port.
• Now, switch on your modem first and then the router.
• Next, connect your PC to the routers one of the Ethernet port.

Steps for Router Login

• On your computer or a wireless device, open a web browser.
• Put Default web address http://router or IP address Login into the browser address bar.
• If you face issue log in to my router, re-check the router default IP Address & try again.
• Or if all goes well, go ahead and click on the login button.
• Next, you will see a router login window. It will ask for username and password admin.
• You don’t need to enter anything into the password field. Leave password field blank and click on the submit button.

Router Setup Using Setup CD

In order to setup your router by using the setup CD, you need to perform four basic steps. These basics steps are –
• Authenticate your Internet connection
• Attach the devices together
• Router Setup using the CD
• Linking the wireless devices

Authenticate your Internet connection:

Make use of Ethernet Cable and connect your PC to the modem via Ethernet cable. Next, check if your computer has an internet connection, by opening a website.

Attach the devices together:

Once again make use of an Ethernet cable, attach the modem to the router WAN or Internet port. Now, plug the modem and then your router into the power source. Next, connect your computer to the router any LAN or Ethernet port. Or in case of a wireless computer, connect it to the Ethernet Cable for temporarily.

Router Setup using the CD

Just before you connect your router to the wireless device, you must keep handy the default Network Name (SSID) and Password. If you want to access SSID and password, check out router’s label. Once you get the SSID and password, you can start the installation of router.

How to Connect Wireless Devices (iOS) & Android?

• First, open the settings app and make a selection of Wi-Fi menu articles.
• Pick your wireless network from the list, if you were asked to provide the network password.


• Launch the setting app, and pick the wireless & network.
• From there, pick the wifi to see the list of accessible networks.
• Now, pick your wireless network from the list, Just in case, you are asked to enter the network password.

How to Enable Auto-Update Firmware on Your Router?

Your router comes with various basic and advanced settings. One of the advanced settings is Auto-update. When you enable auto-update features, you router check by itself, if there is any firmware update available or not? You also have the option to download the latest firmware version or ignore it. This setting comes disabled by default in router. So, in order to enable auto-update feature, follow the below-given steps. We will start with log in to my router.

  • Launch a web browser on your wireless device or a computer.
  • For router login, make use of either IP Address or web address http://router. Put any of these web addresses into browser address bar.
  • Next, click on the login button.
  • There is no option of router password in the router, so just tick on Submit button.
  • Now, click on the system settings option under the wireless router setup utility sections.
  • Just before the lower-half side of the screen, you will locate Auto Update Firmware Enabling option.
  • Choose the enabling button and then click on the Apply changes, once you done with changes.

Steps to Upgrade Router Firmware via Router Web Interface

The Firmware Up-gradation helps in fixing the router firmware previous version issues. It also enhances router performance. So, you can upgrade router firmware by using the web interface, by following given points.
• First, start with locating the router firmware from the router official support site.
• Next, provide the part number into the given search box and then search for Firmware.
• Now, connect your PC to the router any of the four LAN ports.
• Afterward, launch a web browser on your computer or a wireless device.
• Next, log in to my router, for this, enter web address http://router or IP Address or into the address bar of the browser. Next, click on the enter button to move further.

Troubleshoot Router’s Web-based Setup Page Issues

You can customize your router advanced and basic settings with inbuilt web-based setup page. Not only this, you can check the router, modify and configure router settings.

Reasons Why You Need to Access Router’s Web-based Setup Page

• Advanced configuration is necessary for certain apps
• Setup software is not operational
• Authentication of local and wireless settings

The Issues You Face If Router’s Web-based Setup Page is Unable to Access

• The router is unable to provide a valid IP Address login
• IP Address conflict
• Incorrect router IP Address entered in the Address bar
• Browser issues
• Inappropriate cable connection
• Wrong Password used for router login
If you have any of these issues, you can reset your router to factory default settings. Router can be reset via Router’s Web-based Setup Page or by pressing the Reset button, located at the rear of the router.

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NOTE : Never unplug your router / repeater while resetting or upgrading firmware.